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Glee Part 2

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Irony strikes after my last post. Some people come to the table when you say something about Glee and they’ll defend it to their deathbed. That’s fine.

I struggle with this issue of Christian Liberty, because that’s a hard line to draw.

I love war movies. I can watch war movies all day long. I can tolerate the reality of death and language. But I struggle with Christians watching Glee or other shows of the like.

I still stand firm claiming that shows which glorify sexual sin, the way that Glee does should be avoided. I’m looking at it from a logical standpoint that sex is probably the sin most people struggle with in the United States. I don’t have stats, but I have examples of people in ministry who have lost their jobs due to sexual sin. Not only that, just open your local newspaper and you’ll see people who fall apart from it. Does Glee lead to sexual sin? Not always. I don’t know, this post isn’t about Christian Liberty anyways.

This post is actually about me further proving a point about Glee of its agenda.

Last week, two of the girls posed on the cover of GQ magazine. You might have seen the pictures, you might not have, but they’re very suggestive. (And by suggestive, I clearly mean the girls are dressed like sluts and are trying to turn men on. If you deny this, you already lose.) You can click here to see those photos, but I’ll just suggest that your teenager not be around to see them.

Now, not all 14 photos on that page are sexually suggestive. The dude is playing drums in one of them.

But, let’s think for a second. The image that was burned into my mind whenever I first saw the photos on CNN (and even their commentators suggested that they were over the top) is the one of the girl sitting on a locker room bench, legs spread open in her underwear, holding a lollipop. In fact, this is the direct quote from a FoxNews article on the issue:

“Glee” stars Dianna Agron and Lea Michele got down and dirty for a GQ magazine spread released last week, set in high school, sucking lollipops, with their legs wide open.

Let’s not be naive, she’s selling sex.

And there are parents who support their kids watching this show week in and week out.

Maybe you haven’t let your kids watch it yet, but here’s yet another post on a “ultra-conservative, legalistic rant” that is suggesting you refrain from partaking in a show. Call me uber conservative and a Pharisee, but I will never support people who claim to be following Christ and fleeing from sin to watch Glee, as all Glee has done is promote sexual freedom.


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  1. Justin
    October 26, 2010 at 10:08 am

    I’d like to point out how creepy and dirty I felt when my TV hit the channel for 2 seconds after stopping a different recording. Why would anybody want to watch teenagers, acting or not, taking part in these activities? Do you think the teenage dudes who watch this show can’t easily undress these women with their eyes?

    I saw a story about the GQ photo shoot and they even put banners over the ladies “private parts” (might as well call them public parts) and I felt dirty just from that. Does skimpy underwear now qualify as proper clothing for the teenage girls of America? If this was your teenage daughter taking these pictures or your teenage son posing with his hand on 2 ladies rears (or if the daughters were yours) would this be ok?

    I hope not. Let’s keep our private parts private and not make it any easier for the pubescent teenagers to undress these girls with their eyes and become part of some sick and twisted fantasy.

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