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Longing For August

I’m pretty sure that summer is a time that all youth pastors love. Why? Because it brings about events. Tons of events. There’s always something to do. In fact, there’s usually too much to do.

For me, it seems that each of the past three summers I have been serving as a student pastor, August brings peace.

It has been a LONG time since I have posted anything here. Why? Because life has been so busy.

Lindsey and I made our big move on June 5 to Missouri in the St. Louis area. I am now the student pastor at Calvary Fellowship FWB Church in Fenton, Missouri. Everything has really fallen into place for our move. I ask that you continue to be praying for lindsey as she is seeking to find a job.

Since that time, we’ve had VBS, a family vacation, a National Convention for Free Will Baptists, and tomorrow begins half a week of camp and half a week with my new teens on their missions trip to downtown St. Louis.

Thus, I am longing for August. At August, life “slows down.” By slows down, I mean that I am no longer gone for weeks at a time. Until September 3, I am at home. At that point, I will be returning to Haiti for my 4th trip in, and the first trip following the January earthquake.

In the meantime, I have been appointed to take hold of the children’s home and become the director of support. Basically, my job has not changed within the mission – I just now have a title. Thus, in September, I will be heading in for VBS with the agenda to make sure I can have all of the correct information on our students.

In addition, I’m overjoyed because some of our close friends have finally made it to the mission field where they are planting a church in the Denver area. We prayed very hard about joining them, but for some reason God closed that door. We stand 100% behind them and cannot wait to partner with them in ministry in the future.

For now, I quit, because it’s an update and that’s it.

Within the next week, I’ll post a seminar that I led at my recent convention, as well as a study idea I have about missions and youth groups.

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  1. July 30, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    Ryan – It was great to see you last week at the National. I am proud of the work you are doing as a Student Pastor and your efforts in Hati! Take care bro! I look forward to hearing great things!

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