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Stuff That Makes Me Mad

So, I’ve recently found a website called Topix, where they have individual forums by zip code. I’ve been in my hometown zip, and the surrounding areas reading, when suddenly some Christian issues came up. Basically, it happened where there were some anti-theists spouting normal anti-theist propaganda that is easily refuted and basically nothing more than trolling on their part.

I simply went on there replying to some of these people. Some of the people were educated and nice. I like people like that. They are respectful and listen and can carry on conversations that are easy to follow and educated. Some of the other people were nothing more than trolls, making ad hominem attacks and doing zero to help their cause.

But then something interesting happened. I’m from the hills of Tennessee where there’s a lot of traditional evangelicalism that goes around. That’s what I was raised in. It’s very easy growing up in that to fall into an almost Pharisaical trap. That whole “holier than thou” attitude.

I’ll admit it, in high school, that was me. I was a great kid…and I knew it. I stayed out of trouble. I never drank, chewed, went with girls who did…(that didn’t rhyme). This caused me to be very arrogant in some things. When it came to the Bible and whatnot, I was very arrogant. As I went to college, it got worse. It wasn’t until I did my internship and got into apologetics that I began to open up to the fact that not only did I not know everything, but I didn’t know much at all. From that point on, I have seen the importance of studying to defend my faith, explain it, and to not be a total jerk while doing so.

I love studying. I love learning more. And I’ll be honest – I don’t think there are enough Christians who do so. Too many Christians are uneducated when it comes to their faith. As they hear the typical “arguments” from anti-theists, they balk. In my opinion, education of Christians MUST take place.

Anyways, on this website, after talking for a while, I was attacked. Except it was by another “Christian.” I was called arrogant and this guy kept asking me all about if I trusted education, being a youth pastor, knowledge, or good works to get me into heaven. He keeps asking me for my views on different things. He has called me a punk and arrogant.

I’ve had to re-read the things that I have typed to make sure he really is just an insane person. I asked my best friend to read through the threads, and he confirmed the guy is insane.

This is what makes me mad: JUDGMENTAL CHRISTIANS.

I am all for purity within church. I am all for church discipline. I’m all for people making sure that other Christians truly are living up to the Bible whenever they claim to be followers of Christ. But what I am not for is people to publicly rebuke other Christians, especially when they are surrounded by non-Christians in the community.

Let’s face it, with numerous scandals going on in different churches, the public has plenty of fire-power that they call on. Christians who claim to follow Christ need to have those fruits in their lives of a Christ follower. I will never condone sin. But I also know that speaking the truth in love is an imperative in the Christian life. And that is not just when sharing our faith and dealing with the non-Christian, but I believe it is just as equally important (if not even more important) to do so with the Body of Christ. The Bible paints such a beautiful picture of the unity amongst members.

So this is what makes me mad – it’s not the judgmental, correcting attitude. That is scriptural. We must help keep other people accountable to following Christ. What makes me mad is whenever people publicly confess Christ, but come across as such arrogant jerks, it almost turns me off from Christianity.

But of course, I know I don’t have a lot of room to speak, because that is even me sometimes.

So, since we know that this is wrong, how do we correct it? Honestly, what are your helpful tips and hints to dealing with the negative nancies of Christianity? How do we maintain purity, even when dealing with the people who have it all figured out (like I used to.) Arrogance is something I have always fought, so what do we need?

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