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The Christian Atheist

I typically try to go 45 days without posting things on this blog…that can change though. Here’s to more frequent posts!

I finished Craig Groeschel’s The Christian Atheist last night and I’ll immediately challenge you to go and get this book.

For me, I grew up in church. From the first time I could be taken to church, I was there. I was always there. My parents were involved in youth ministry. My dad now works for a men’s ministry. My mother is highly involved in every ministry she can be involved in. I am now a student pastor. My brother works part-time for his church. It is in our family to dive in and be involved.

But, what is a Christian Atheist? The tagline to the book says “Believing in God but living as if He doesn’t exist…” Ouch. When we compare our lives to Scripture, what do our lives say about our beliefs? Groeschel tackles this head on and with transparency. For me, it is easy to fall into the trap of, “Well, I’m a youth pastor, so I’m good because I’m studying the Bible and doing this and that…” but when we examine what Scripture says about our lives, it seems as thought it should be highly different.

The book deals with a ton of issues: past mistakes, God’s love, prayer life, money, worry, church, evangelism, amongst others. It deals with those things that we as Christians have pushed to the side to say “These are as serious of issues, so we can deal with those how we want…” But the Bible makes it abundantly clear on these issues and the others in the book.

The chapter that really hit me the most was Chapter 1: When You Believe In God but Don’t Really Know Him. Ouch again. If we really knew God, how different would that make your life. I don’t mean knowing about God. I know mean being about to spout of characteristics. I don’t even mean being able to tell a story about a time where God did something awesome in your life. Do you know Him? Do you know Him like you know your best friend, girlfriend, spouse, boss, parents, siblings? You know so much about people on earth. You know what makes them hurt, so you avoid it. You know what is expected of you, so you do it. You know how to please them because you love them, so you do it. But do you really know God?

This book challenged my faith deeply. It hit home. Sometimes I feel like I have the issues of forgiveness, faith, and love down when it comes to God. But, my life says otherwise when I examine what Scripture says concerning those issues.

I challenge you Christians to go and buy this book. It’s great. It’s humorous. But most of all, it takes God’s Word and says, “See! It’s in here. Now live the way God said to live!”

  1. April 28, 2010 at 11:28 am

    You should probably also check out “The Year of Living Biblically”, written by an agnostic who attempted to follow the Bible as literally as possible for 365 days.

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