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Since I really began to study into apologetics over the past few years, I’ve philosophized about how to do ministry and teach and whatnot. Now that I’m in ministry, I’ve figured out that it always looks a little different than the ideal.

I’ll be honest, I just finished The Faith by Chuck Colson and am presently reading Already Gone by Ken Ham and I am thoroughly enjoying them because of one reason: they reaffirm my philosophy.

Honestly, that’s how we are – we agree with those who agree with us most of the time. But as I have gotten into ministry and tried to implement a philosophy and apologetic approach, to see some of the great Christian minds also share that same view helps me to be confident in my approach and views.

The fact is, when it comes down to it, according to both of these books, as well as my philosophy – if we teach Christians how to view all of life through the scope of the Bible as the ultimate authority and God’s true Word, then we teach them how to live a life that is pleasing to God.

Instead of giving them “helpful tips for living” and being afraid of stepping on their toes because society says to not step on their toes, I’ve began to realize that we ALWAYS have to give the hard truths of Scripture. It’s an issue of eternity. It’s an issue of pleasing God. If we choose to ignore those things when it comes to teaching and discipling people, then we miss the point of the message of Christ.

To think like Christ is found right in the pages of Scripture in Paul’s letter to the church at Philippi. In chapter 2, Paul speaks of having the same mind as Christ, who came as a servant and was humble. I mean, first off, that’s a lesson in and of itself to today’s society where everything is “me-driven.” But secondly, to engage our minds to think as Christ thinks could revolutionize not just American Christianity, but honestly the entire world.

So when it comes down to it, I fully 100% believe that the Church has no choice but to take a step back and ask, “What are the people in our congregation learning?” If they’re learning cute and convenient nuggets of faith that make them feel better – I’m not convinced that’s appropriate. We need to teach the hard truths of Scripture so that people begin to wake up and realize – “God has called me to a life of surrender. Everything that He desires for my life will be implemented.” No longer can we teach “Jesus loves you just as you are and you can even stay that way and do what you want….” because that has led to an exodus from our churches.

You get what you expect, after all.

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