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I’ve totally been neglecting this blog since 2010 hit. I actually had all intentions to regularly update and was good for the first two weeks of 2010, but then the earthquake in Haiti happened and I spent the next 7 weeks updating my other blog – Run 4 Haiti. Nonetheless, I feel as though I am back.

For a brief update, without actually going in-depth to something super duper deep, I just have to share what has been going on lately.

I’ve been busy.

That’s really it. With Haiti, church, etc., life has been busy.

This past Sunday night I had the chance to speak to our congregation since my pastor was out of town. It was a complete honor to be able to share what I have been doing lately with the teens regarding the church. And honestly, I feel as though I finally hit a new level of my speaking ability, as the words, the thoughts, etc. just really flowed. Look for a final update in the next few days regarding my studies in the church.

Presently, I am reading “The Faith” by Chuck Colson and I am enjoying it. From an apologetic standpoint, it is a very good book, especially for someone with some basic questions/objections of Christianity. Look for that review as soon as I finish it (hopefully this weekend.)

Other than that, I ask that you remember my ministry with Mountain Faith Mission of Haiti. Things have stayed quiet lately without any teams in, but honestly, I am hoping that is a good thing.

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