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Things That Irritate Me

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Good morning. I have two topics on my mind of which to write about this morning. Both have a great deal of interest to me. Who knows where this will go.

The Bachelor

Since I got married last May, the things that come on my television have changed dramatically. Last summer, my wife watched The Bachelorette, and I’ll openly admit that I sat with her and watched it. I’ll even openly admit that for a while, I enjoyed it. It was interesting to me to see how people reacted in meeting a complete stranger.

Yet, mid-Summer, something changed in me. I began to notice so many underlying themes within the show. 

Last week, The Bachelor premiered, and of course it was on my television. One of the guys who appeared from last summer’s girl-version is the new bachelor on the show – Jake. Blah blah blah.

As it’s been on (and honestly, I’m in the room, but last night I caught a great Big East battle with Villanova and Louisville on ESPN360.com) I’ve caught parts here and there. Last night, it really began to bother me some of the things that were said, done, and talked about.

For example, the “contestants” if you will, apply to be on this show based upon the person who is going to be featured as the one who is searching for love. So here comes 25 women to compete for the attention of this guy’s “love.” Suddenly, last night, I found all of this the most shallow approach to dating that I have ever seen. Sure, it’s entertaining, but it’s completely wrong. 

How many people would love to have that chance? Honestly, I bet millions of people would love to have 25 people of the opposite sex gawk over them and compete for their chance at love. We’ve turned relationships into nothing more than a 2-hour special on television. These girls complain and whine and moan about how so-and-so isn’t a good person and that they came here with the wrong intentions. The girls cry and claim that they just want their shot at true love, because they’ve been cheated on and etc.

Does this sicken anyone else?

What happened to real relationships? The show is set up (and very scripted in case you’ve never noticed…) for the Bachelor(ette) to have a ring on the finger by the time the finale comes. Say what? Where’s the special relationship? Here’s two or three girls at the end, fighting to be proposed to, and it’s suddenly a shock to the audience about who gets the ring?

I have to question: Is it really about meeting someone, or does the fact that people get their 15 minutes of fame play into it? Why would someone want to have what should be special and private broadcast into millions of homes every week? Maybe some people like that. But, maybe some people don’t think.

So, what’s my point in all of this? I want people to look at this show critically. I know it’s entertaining. I don’t forbid my wife to watch it at all. I just think it shows a great picture of why there are so many relationship problems in the world, today. When we look at what entertains us on television, and how those relationships manifest themselves on the television show, it should come as no surprise that there is a great divorce rate and that teenagers have relationships that last 3 months before they move onto the next person.

Society has come to condone and accept this type of relational behavior.

Last time I read, the Bible is pretty silent on “Guidelines on how to meet your mate, date them, and marry them.” Sure, the Bible has a lot of pointers on proper relationships, thus, as parents, teachers, adults, church goers, etc., we must be aware of these. 

So, in closing on The Bachelor – just think about what you’re watching. What does it say about society and how should Christians respond?

Liberal Christianity

My second issue is really one that has been irritating the mess out of me over the past couple of days. Long story short, I see people that I know, doing things that they know are wrong, justifying it by claiming “God doesn’t hate my sin.”

Wow. It sickens me. It definitely sickens me more than 2 hours of The Bachelor. To this, I simply say, “You are wrong.”

At what point in the church will we wake up and realize that we must speak the truth of Scripture in condemning sin and declaring God’s love?

In today’s church, there seems to be very few people who balance this. There are a lot of churches who only condemn sin. They point the finger at groups and individuals and condemn them as people and their sin. They hate them. Simply put, they absolutely hate the people. They have the “Clean up your act, then become a Christian” mentality. 

The other side is the group who just loves the snot out of everyone. “Oh, God loves you and since He loves you, he’ll over look your sin.” Guess what, I’m a firm believer that this will love people straight to hell – and that’s a scary thing.

This ties directly into what was said above – what does Scripture tell us?

Martin Luther, hundreds of years ago, stood before the Church and said “Only Scripture.” Only Scripture could dictate the truth. The foundation was built upon the Scriptures and it would hold firm to what is right and what is wrong. The Scriptures are powerful and speak for themselves. The Scriptures expose the sin of man, but also give them the way to fix the fact that they are unworthy sinners.

Where have we missed this? How can people who read the Bible pick and choose and take out of context? I don’t know. But it’s irritating me.

I didn’t really want this to be a debbie downer type of post, but I feel that it is. For that, I do apologize.

I just feel that God is doing something in my life. I’ve begun to realize that it really is about His Word to us. I have neglected that for far too long. Knowing my history, I’ll probably neglect it again. But that shouldn’t happen. His Word is powerful. It exposes. It directs. It cuts to the heart.

Are we using it properly?

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