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Sometimes, you just feel lost in ministry.  Not lost in the sense that you don’t know where you’re going.  I mean, I know where I am going in my ministry.  I feel like I have a great future plan of discipleship and ministry. But, sometimes, I just feel lost.

Sometimes, it seems as though even though many of the pieces are put together in the puzzle, there’s that one little piece that can’t be found because when you were eleven, your brother and you got in a fight with them and accidently threw it behind the couch where it was lost forever.  By that, I mean, some days you just feel incomplete.

I know that no ministry is perfect, but some days, there are emptiness.  Some days there are pains.  Some days there is confusion.  Some days there is frustration.  This is all part of the ministry experience.

I have a unique personality.  I like to be in control.  Many people first meet me and don’t think of me as an extrovert, but once someone gets to know me…they wish I was an introvert. 

This is simply ramblings.  On a night I feel lost.  I’m greatly encouraged.  I’m not doubting my calling.  I’m not ready to jump ship.  I just feel lost.

But I know that when you’re lost…you always get found when you seek God.

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