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Why Are You So Committed?

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s an idea I have been throwing around lately…

Let me preface this by saying something. Obviously, church attendance and being involved in great deeds in the community, or other things like these do not impress God when they’re done empty. When people attend church, give to the poor, read their Bibles, or pray, and it’s all done in vain – it’s worthless.  We see this repeated throughout the Bible with the Children of Israel in the Old Testament, as well as the Pharisees and New Testament church. Empty actions almost seem worse than no actions…

Nonetheless, everyone has to admit that there are some people that you know that just rock your socks off when it comes to Christianity. When you look at them, their church attendance, their devotion time (which ironically, they never talk about, you just KNOW that it’s there), their giving, their love, their aid to people, etc. show that everything that they do is wrapped up in their relationship with Christ.

Yet, there are others, like mentioned above who either just go through the motions and it seems empty, or there are even those who only go through selected motions and refuse to ever fully be committed to anything that makes them uncomfortable…

I want to know, for those people who attend church when the doors are open, recognize that daily devotions aren’t a checklist, but a meal, pray to a God that is more than an invisible person in the room, give to something that is greater than themselves…ya know, those “radicals”, I want to know why? What made the difference?

I mean, let’s get honest – in today’s Christian society, at least in America, we see a bunch of half-hearted commitment. If you disagree, then go try to plan an event in your church…yes, people will attend.  You know who will attend?  The people that you know will attend!  Usually, predictions are spot on in the church.

Is this to say that people who aren’t committed to church attendance aren’t good Christians? No – but I do think church attendance is important…  The church is the tool of God to spread the message of Christ….seems pretty important to me!

So what moved you from simply a spectator of Christianity – simply where you were involved, doing the right stuff, but in all honesty, it wasn’t whole-hearted following – to playing in the game?  Ya know, those Christians who are always going to be at church? The ones who you know are faithful givers.  The ones who teach, sing, etc.  Or, maybe they’re very quiet, and they just come to church and sit there – but there’s something to be said about them being there, because you can smell fishy people out compared to those who are sincere.

I just want to know – Why Are You So Committed?  Why? What made the difference?  I know there’s the personal decision to say, “Well, this is real! This is something big!  This is God!” But was it someone?  Was it a book?  Did a mid-life crisis happen? 

Just some thoughts…

  1. Jessica
    November 17, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    For me, it was seeing a committed God who loved me, created me,and knew me(and I could keep going). There was a time in my life when my whole world fell apart (long story) and I just wanted to throw up my hands and quit EVERYTHING! But, God had another plan. When I saw Him for who He was; being committed to Him, His Church, His people,and His Word was the least I could do for Him. And until I came to my senses, He just “kept” me. He is why I committed.

  2. January 24, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    I enjoy reading your blog! We have a similar genre.

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