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Life is full of many questions. We all know this.  I was thinking today though, do we ever try to answer them?  As an attachment to my last post, I feel that the mission of the church should be to answer the questions of those that we teach.  (Not the main mission, but it should be a goal.

It’s not so much to answer the questions of the people, but instead to strengthen them.

Such as, general questions:

  • Why am I a Christian?

I venture to say that the majority of Christians who answer this would keep it surface and typical Sunday School answer.  “I am a Christian because I had sinned against God and needed a Savior.” That is an amazing answer.  That is truth.  That is Gospel.  But, what happens if we inquire further?

  • In light of the world’s opposition to the truth of Christianity, why am I a Christian?

Those outside of Christianity don’t see the need for a Savior from sins.  Thus, when looking at the arguments against God, a Savior, Creation, etc. why are you a Christian? When we answer these questions, I believe it begins a series of events in someone’s life.

Other questions could include:

  • Why am I a Free Will Baptist (or given denomination…) ?

It’s sad, but most people in their denomination don’t really know the basic tenets of the denomination. They’re not essential for salvation, but I like to know what I am about before I commit.  

  • Why do I attend First Bible Free Will Baptist Church?

Outside of the denominational affiliation, why that church?  I grew up in a town with two FWB churches, but we drove 25 minutes away to a town with some 10 FWB churches to attend one of them.  Why?  

  • Why do I take the Bible literally?

In a society of skepticism, I feel many churches are neglecting to teach believers what they believe.  I’m tired of teaching surface, feel good, Sunday School type lessons and waiting on the main message of the day to give them meat.  Somehow, I feel like Sunday School and Small Groups have turned into feel good fellowship times instead of deep, learning experiences.

  • Why is evangelism important?

Why is it important?  Is it just because Jesus commanded us to? How should that impact our lives? Who do I know that I can minister to? The questions could go on and on.

  • Why should I be committed to church?

Sheesh.  That’s one I could go on about forever.  Today’s society has moved away from commitment to church.  No, it doesn’t mean that you’re holier if you come…but in my unprofessional youth pastorish opinion, it’s shows a level of maturity to people because it reveals what is important to them.

  • Why is personal devotion and prayer time important?

Do we really answer this?  Or do we just tell people they should?

  • Why should I tithe?

Some churches demand money.  Others politely ask.  Some guilt trip you. Some never talk about it.  

The questions are many, but how many are we answering?  Are we teaching Christians what God expects or are we just sending them on their merry way without an ounce of answers?

Why are we not discipling our people?

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  1. July 29, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    “In a society of skepticism”

    Sorry to butt in here, but do you really think we live in a society of skepticism? I only wish we did!

  2. August 2, 2009 at 6:59 am

    Apologies for taking so long.

    Yes, I really do see that we live in a society of skepticism.

    This is coming from an evangelical Christian, which is only a small mark on the map. Even within Christianity, people have become “skeptics” to Biblical literalism, etc.

    • August 2, 2009 at 1:33 pm

      Do you view skepticism as a bad thing?

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