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The Bible in 90 Days

Well I got hitched and now I feel like a real youth pastor.  This past week we had a yard sale on Monday, Friday, and Saturday, and bought and delivered Krispy Kreme’s for our fundraising for our missions trip to Pittsburgh next month.  If I counted hours, it’d exceed 70 hours easily.  And what was the greatest was the fact that I loved being busy.  My wife is a great help.

So, for the summer, we’re starting a program called “The Bible in 90 Days”.  It’s pretty simple to understand.  You read the Bible in 90 days.  I’m excited about it because some of the youth group has jumped on board and will be joining Lindsey and I.  Today’s reading is the first 16 chapters of Genesis.  

As I read, I am keeping notes of interesting things.  I’m pretty excited and will definitely be updating how it is going and how the youth are responding to the challenge.

In other news, I have begun a new book called “No Perfect People Allowed.”  I make it my aim to finish this book soon and I’ll definitely post a review.  It is a very interesting book, and thus far, I have been very impressed.

Anyways, I suppose it’s back to the old  blog to update and post.

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