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I posted this same thing on my running blog.  Run 4 Haiti

Since Lindsey left, Haiti has been on my mind.  I guess because Dad called me about setting the dates for the fall.  I’m consumed with rekindled passion for Haiti.  I’ve had a hard time focusing as of late.  My heart hurts at times for the people.  I check Tara’s blog quite often to just feel a little bit of what is going on.  I enjoy receiving emails from the Turners aboutdscf4411 the excitement of revival through Mountain Faith Mission.  Likewise, I feel emotions as I read different articles and watch different YouTube videos on Haiti.  It’s easy to live our lives in America and be completely oblivious to most things going on in the rest of the world.  

Tara posted the link to this photo journal about birthing in Haiti: check it out and look at the conditions of how they give birth.  I mean, just looking at it, it hurt me.  I don’t know why.

I’ve watched so many videos on YouTube of little Haitian kids running around, singing, smiling.  Oh, it takes me to my second home.  I imagine myself sitting in the middle of the compound with about 30 kids sitting around me, laughing, smiling…waiting on me to try to speak Creole so we can all laugh and have fun.  They crave the attention.  They long for the attention.  They long to give attention.  They care.  They’re fortunate.

How unfortunate am I?  Honestly?  On one side, I’m blessed beyond measure.  Financially, I’m stable.  I’ve paid off over 75% of my school loans in less than a year since I’ve been out of school.  I’ve bought and paid for an engagement ring.  I’m prepping for the wedding.  I’ve paid for most all of the honeymoon.  I’ve got it covered and have nothing to worry about.  Tonight, after church, I’ll head to my house, probably eat some ice cream, sit down and watch some Kentucky basketball on my tv.  When I’m done, I’ll probably check the internet and talk to friends, while talking on my cell phone to my fiance.  Then, when I’m tired, I’ll go crawl in my queen sized bed and sleep with three pillows, only to wake up and have all of those luxuries again tomorrow.  So yes, I am blessed.

But, I see fortunate things for the people of Haiti.  I’m distracted.  I don’t pay attention.  I live a selfish life of more-more-more.  Yes, this happens anywhere, but it seems that when you have nothing, and you get a little bit of something with your family, there’s a lot of times the “less of me” mentality there.  To see an eleven year old child caring for two or three year olds and making sure they’re okay instead of going outside to play soccer…wow.  

The greatest fortunate part of life I see for many people in Haiti though, at least in my opinion, is the fact that so many of them are truly dedicated to the Lord.  What more do they really have?  ”Honey, do you want to go to church tonight?”  He replies, “No, I want to stay home and watch the newest episode of House.”  Not there.  What else are they going to do on many nights?  There’s less distractions.  At the same time, this has led to more surrender.  They trust God.  They rely upon God.  Of that, I am truly envious.

I could go on for hours in this reflective, emotional state, but I’ll stop here.  I guess this is just my venting session.  Haiti is on my mind.  Haiti is on my heart.  My people.  My friends.  I hope that somehow, some way, they penetrate your heart, too.  But be careful, if they do…you’ll be changed forever.

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