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Other religions

This is the new series that I am starting on Wednesday nights at youth group with the teenagers.  It took me a lot to get past my pride to want to teach something like this because it seems so “youth pastor-ish” to do this.  But, I had one of my 7th graders come to me a couple of weeks ago and say “Can we learn about Catholicism…because I have a friend that is Catholic and I don’t know enough about it!”  If that didn’t warm my heart and soul, I don’t know what would.  My youngest in the youth group asking me to teach them something that they don’t know…because  their friend is Catholic!  It’s awesome.  I am overjoyed!

So yesterday morning in Sunday School class, it just so happened our curriculum mentioned other religions briefly.  That opened up a whole ‘nother world of discussion.  I had one mention they wanted to learn about Hinduism because they are a musical orchestra with someone who is Hindu.  One of them was utterly amazed at the thought of Scientology and how someone could follow that.  It was encouraging.

This has been a big struggle of mine since I started the job.  Doing lessons that I feel like hit the teens where they need to be hit, but at the same time, I want to hit them where they will hit back.  (I’m full of analogies today.)  So I am excited to teach them about other religions for sure, but I know I don’t just want to stop there.  As I’ve mentioned before, so many people are completely ignorant of Christianity and how it “came to be.”  So I am excited to be able to use this time to sort of take an apologetic approach toward my youth group.  As we study, I know we’ll talk history of how Mormons got the book of Mormon, or how Islam was founded, or how Catholicism and Protestantism have separated…ya know, that boring history stuff.  But, when I have the chance to talk about how modern day Christians got the Bible we read today, this is something that I was never taught until college!  How do we miss that?

So that’s on the horizon for the youth group, which means I should be posting some stuff on here in relation to apologetics finally.  The winter months have been horrible.  I mean, I’m alive, kicking, and feeling great, but I hate winter.  The darkness settles in early and leaves late in the morning.  The trees have no leaves.  The wind just blows cold air all the time.  It’s almost a depressing time for me.  When I get into the office, I just want to curl up and sleep.  I lose my motivation to really do a whole lot in the winter.  (Thank God I’m obsessed with running…)  When springs begin to hit, and there is grass being cut all over the place, and I hear the sound of aluminum bats…that’s one of my favorite times of year.  I think I said all that to say that the reason I haven’t posted much lately is because of winter.  And now, that I read over it, I realize that’s a load of crap and that I was just really lazy over the past couple of months.  In any case, I’m at least back to studying/reading as I should be.

So, look for some other religions to be coming soon.  Today, I’ll begin studying for Wednesday night.  As for what religion to begin with, I have no clue.  Any recommendations?

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