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Reflections of God

February 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had a marvelous Valentine’s Day weekend. My wonderful fiance, Lindsey, came in and stayed the weekend with my pastor’s family…who just lives across the church parking lot.  As she was here, I got all spiritual and started thinking.  Thus, you know where this blog post comes from.

In September, she came and was over at my house.  She had to wash her hair, so she pulled back the shower curtain to put her head under the faucet when suddenly I hear my name being yelled.  “Uh-oh!” I thought to myself.  I ran in and she began to explain to me how nasty and dirty my bathtub was.  I didn’t see it at all.  She pointed out the gray stains on the bottom of the tub, to which I replied, “Lindsey, it’s an old tub!”  She proceeded to get some cleaner and a sponge and removed the oldness from the bottom of the tub. Suddenly, I had a bright, sparkly, white tub.

This past weekend, she raised the windows one afternoon, but not without yelling at me for how nasty my windowsills were.  (Okay, yes, I have some filthiness in my house now, I admit. But, I am still living the bachelor life. In less than 3 months, I’ll live in cleanliness.) Anyways, she showed me just how dusty they were.

I never noticed these things before, but suddenly, Lins showed up and was able to point out all of the dirty places in my house.  She had the eye for it.  She cleans and notices when something isn’t what it should be.  I began to think, “Wow, ya know…God does that in my life…”  How many times have I done something, and immediately I knew it was wrong because of the things that God’s Word tells me?  We break the commands of God and know it.  He has made them known to us.  He wants our lives to be clean.  He points out the filthiness in our lives for OUR BENEFIT.  We are to live holy and pure lives to honor Him.  And the greatest thing, He has told us how to clean our lives!

So why don’t we clean our lives?  Why do we not care?  Why do we get so used to the stains that we just think that it is old age stains instead of the stains of sin?  We get so accustomed to our lifestyles that we begin to ignore what is there…

To close:

Before she left, she warned me.  She said, “When I come back next month…this house better be clean!”  (For me, this is great.  I look forward to marrying her and cleaning the house with her.  It gets lonely in my house, and so her telling me that I have to do this or that makes me feel like she’s already here….kinda) Anyways…she warned me.  She said, “Keep the house clean!  It’s not my job!  It’s your house!  You should keep it clean!”  It rang very true to me.  God doesn’t clean my life for me, He just tells me how and I have to make that decision.

What’s dirty in your house?  When you see that speck of dust on your tv…think of God.  When you clean the sink…think of God.

Our lives are to be pure to honor and glorify Him.  It’s what He wants.  So why don’t we?

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