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Apathy, pt. 2

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This is an extension from an earlier post of mine dealing with apathy.  It’s still on my mind a lot lately.  To use the term of another youth pastor friend of mine here in town, there is a “spirit of apathy” among people.  It’s not just teens, it’s not just New Castle, Indiana.  It’s church wide.  From the youngest kids to the oldest person.  I’m not saying that I have everything together, because honestly, I have been touched and effected (or is it affected..?) by the spirit of apathy, too.

So, we’ve established that this apathetic mindset exists.  People just don’t place genuine care and concern among the things of God as they should.  But, what attributes to this mindset?

I see it as a twofold thing.  

First, I believe we have people who are genuinely apathetic.  They just don’t care about the things of God.  These are Christian people, too.  They’re faithful to attend church.  They might even come to some of the extra-curricular activities, but, some people just don’t care.  

Secondly, which I think is technically the root of all apathy, is we find ourselves like the people who Jesus Christ encountered.  There was the rich young ruler whose riches were much more important than following Christ.  There was the man who said he’d follow Christ wherever he went.  The man who said he had to bury his father (who could have lived another 10 years).  There was the person who needed to fellowship with his family before following Christ.  The root seems to be priorities.  We’ve got too much going on.

Sundays, we battle sleep, football, the lake, other sports, boredom, television, etc.  Wednesdays we battle school, work, and the like.  I’m not saying that in order for someone to be the perfect Christian that he or she must be at church EVERY day, but I do think it’s a good reflection of priorities.  It seems to me that Christians worldwide have lost their sense of what is important – present company included.  I mean, do I spend near enough time focusing on the things of God?  No, I’m usually on the computer, running, reading something about running, watching television.  

God wants us.  He wants all of us.  But, so many people prioritize wrongly that they miss this.  

What’s your priority list look like?  It doesn’t take too much time to figure that out.  Obviously, for me, it is running.  I mean, last week I ran 60 miles – thats about 9 hours.  Sometimes, my running gets in the way of my relationship with God.  Sometimes, I’d rather run than do the things of God.  I’m just being transparent.  The thing is, you have that same thing.  Ministers, youth ministers, teachers, construction workers…all Christians have that thing.  Or maybe, those things.  

I believe this leads us to apathy.  We get so fired up about these other things on our priority list, it just works its way into our lives.  It becomes the norm.  We clock in on Sunday morning and clock out when service is over.  It’s like a job.  We go to go.  What happens whenever we make Christ the top priority?!?!!?  What happens when we begin to care about the things of God enough to focus on those?  I’m not saying that we have to give up the day to day events of our lives and suddenly become monks in the wilderness, but something has to change.  

It begins with me.  It begins with you.  We can’t focus on what our pastor, youth pastor, parents, teens are doing.  Christianity is a relationship…it’s a personal relationship.  And somehow, somewhere along the way, I think that we’ve erred in focusing upon that simple fact.  Other things are more important, and that’s a sad, sad reality.

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