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Closing the back door of the church…

January 20, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

In college, we listened to a sermon by Thom Rainer about closing the back door of your church.  Retaining members who leave.  

Let’s face it…people are church hoppers.  They go here in town for a while, and then they leave.  Then they’ll go here, and they’ll leave.  And again and again and again.  It’s a vicious cycle.  In the short time I’ve been in New Castle, I have encountered numerous people who find out where I minister and then say, “Oh yeah, we used to go there back when….”  This isn’t a big deal to me.  Go somewhere, get plugged in, and stay.  If they left, all power to them.  (Most of them were some 20 years ago it seems)  But, it got me thinking about the people who might come for a couple of years, and then either leave for personal reasons, or over some big stink in their drawers.  

A few questions for discussion:

Will the cycle ever end?  Is there a way to get the people who just church hop to ever settle down?

Whose fault is it?  Is it the individual’s fault for being all inconsistent, wishy washy, and unsettled…or is there something the church can do?

Can this have negative effects on those who are church hoppers by not having roots in their local church for long?

What’s our best step to take?




Also, would love some thoughts on my blog concerning Haiti…What’s your peaceful place – mine’s the front porch?

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