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Just a short thought…

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Stayed busy as of late, so I haven’t been reading and expanding my horizons about what to blog about.  This quick thought tonight though….

When we read and interpret Scripture, do we always do it in context?  I know that atheists (for the most part) are notorious for misrepresenting what is said in Scripture by picking out ONE verse and claiming that it proves their point, when the preceding verse explains exactly what’s going on.  Anyways…

But, do we interpret Scripture the same way?  I don’t necessarily mean the instance of taking one verse, but do we just need to look at certain passages through the lens of the surrounding verses, or should we also look at it in respect to the entire Bible?  The message of the Bible is clear.  When you read it cover to cover, it’s completely apparent what is going on.  But are there instances where maybe we could better understand some of the passages by looking at them in context of what the overall message of the Bible is?

Just a few thoughts – now I’m off to try to clean my house for the holidays.  Note to any men who live by themselves:  It is NOT a good idea to simply fold clothes and not put them up after they come out of the dryer.  My guestroom bed looks like I’m cleaning out my closet.  This could take a while.

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