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Man Cave Update

November 3, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, on November 19, the contest ends for the man cave.  I definitely feel honored to have been the week two winner.  I check back quite often to see who is the winner for what week.  The competition has definitely thickened.  There are definitely some good videos out there.  I got some Fatheads, which is awesome.  Do I expect to win?  Honestly, not really.  I’ve seen some awesome videos that have been submitted.  I guess I might have been able to be a little more creative with mine.  Although I definitely think it would be awesome to win and have a TV that’s bigger, a workout center, and lots of other sweet stuff to entertain the youth group with.  In case you’re new, confused, or curious…I entered a contest for a “man cave” over at iwantmymancave.com sponsored by Bill Me Later.  It’s pretty sweet and you should go check it out.  If you haven’t seen my video that shows how big of a loser creative person I am, then head on over to Bill Me Later’s I Want My Man Cave Contest.  My video is the week two winner.  The votes don’t really matter anymore from what I understand, but if you like it, give me five big ole stars just so I feel better about that sad Friday night… 😉


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