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Update on My Goals

October 21, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I posted about a month ago about my upcoming goals…lets check in to see how I am doing….  

1.)  Read half the books in my library by Christmas:  Well, I’ve definitely been reading – but not books.  I’m not doing well on this one.  I could blame it on busy-ness,  but that’d be a lie.  I’m lazy.  Working on finishing the God Delusion soon.

2.)  Get to 185 lbs. by October 18:  I was well on pace.  I was down to 188 after about three weeks.  Then, I kinda stopped, but I did lose about 5 lbs.  I also finished 9th at the 5k this past Saturday with a Personal Record of 20:18 for the 5k.  I also finished first in my age group, so I got a sweet trophy.

3.)  Read through the Bible in its entirety by May:  Still very early obviously, but lets just say I would be considered way behind from when I first made this goal.  

4.)  Read through the Creole Bible in its entirety by May:  See number three.

5.)  Learn a lot of Creole before my next trip to Haiti:  Reading the Creole Bible would definitely help.  Secondly, no – I am failing miserably at this one.  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t cram right before we go, right?

6.)  Get Mountain Faith Mission support cards done ASAP:  Hey, the main look to them is finished.  I guess I’ve accomplished this as much as possible.  Unfortunately, the mission experienced the food crisis and hurricanes, so them getting all of the orphans information to me hasn’t happened yet, but this one was an unforeseen problem – so we’re okay here.  

7.)  Get a great vision for First Bible FWB:  God has definitely been working in my heart.  It comes and goes as far as my personal dedication to this, which is a sad testament, but God has definitely been working in it. 

8.)  Pray hard every day:  This has actually been going well.  I actually enjoy this.  Sometimes I pray at the altar in the mornings when I go into the office.  Sometimes, I just sit in my office with no computer or music.  But I’ve realized the power of just communicating with God every day really does put a positive spin on the day as you realize where your power lies.

9.)  Be a better youth pastor:  I think that would flow naturally out of my relationship with God and prayer.  It’s something to continue working toward.  I have thoroughly enjoyed studying the book of Romans as God has revealed a lot to me through the study.

Well, I’ve failed.  I’ve succeeded.  I’m still trying.

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