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No long post

Short and sweet.  I am thinking of about three different things today.

1.) How do you inspire the people of your churches congregation to do something?  Sometimes it seems that our congregation (and I know every congregation) is so content in their faith and feel like they are doing enough, that they don’t want to move.  How do I, as well as the people in the church, catch onto Paul’s concept of being a slave to Jesus Christ, to the point where it just completely oozes out of us?

2.) How does the new youth pastor in town step out of his comfort zone and suddenly make a splash in the community, not for my sake of being known, nor even the churches, but just so I can build relationships with people to care enough about them and possibly have a positive impact on their lives?  

and the one that is on my mind the most today….

3.) What more can I do for Haiti?  After yesterday’s post, I Googled more blogs and websites about what people have going on.  Our mission has so much going on to help the people, but I truly want to show these people I love them, because I am truly blessed financially and have opportunities.  I am contemplating doing my “Run 4 Haiti” again this year like I did last year with the marathon, except this year to really push it.  To send out letters.  To talk to people.  And to have a goal in mind.  My heart hurts today after I saw a video about the children of Cite Soleil in Haiti – so poor they eat dirt.  This is normal there.  

I guess my main question is what can I do here and abroad for God’s Kingdom?  

I really would love responses…maybe not so much of an answer, but maybe what you are thinking about or maybe what you are doing in relation to these questions in your own life.  Maybe its not Haiti, maybe it’s St. Louis, maybe it’s Africa, maybe it’s Asia…maybe its not your congregation but your family.  Christians should always want growth in their life and those around them – how though?


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