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Things I Learned In Haiti #4

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Here’s to the final post about Haiti.  My lifechanging experience last year oozes out of me.  These people have impacted me in ways they will never know.  The last thing I learned (that can at least be given in blog form) is that they know who they worship.

Sometimes I wonder how correct our theology is.  Not that they are exempt from seeing 

God in some of the ways we see God, but nonetheless, they know who they worship.  This has a lot of tie in to the post on prayer from three days ago.  When they worship, they let it all out.  Not saying that you have to be charismatic in order to worship God, but I am saying their worship of God is evident by observing them.  

When they pray, they pray to God.  They pray to God for needs like everyone else does, but it is so much more.  As I have said before, here we make God a God of convenience.  We only consult Him when we need something.  Not everyone fits this profile obviously, but the average Christian fits this profile to a tee.  I am very guilty of doing such things.  I talk to God when I need Him.  I trust Him when I need something – sometimes.  Our relationship is totally one sided.  Yet, as I mentioned, when my dad had surgery, the people were in the church all day, praying for SOMEONE else.  Why?  Because they know who they worship.

As I have mentioned, recently there was a revival in a village called Massicot.  They don’t blink an eye to such a thing.  Why?  Because they know who they worship.  They know He is capable of bringing revival to the village.  They know that God’s power is so much greater than their own.  

A lady in Massicot gave her testimony.  She claimed that she was heavily involved with Satan.  (Her words.)  She would leave the devil food.  She wouldn’t feed her family, but she would leave the devil the food for her family.  God changed her life.  Why?  Because of His power.  They know His power.  They trust His power.  

I like Andy Stanley.  I listened to a message of his on a podcast in which he was talking about finances.  He talked about how people with nothing have an easier time giving God everything that they do have because there is less of it.  This is very very true, but I notice it down there that it brings the benefits to them.  Maybe that is why they know who they worship.  

To beat the same drum I have been beating all week, we are too distracted by stuff here.  It distracts us from God.  Even when I go into the office, I have stuff distracting me instead of spending time the way I should.  We can’t get away from it in America.  I attribute that to our lack of knowledge of who God is.

After four years of Bible college, where I studied a lot of theological ideas and concepts, I rest assured that I know God and his characteristics.  Yet, after going to Haiti, I realize that I may know great words like “omnipresent” and other great theological words, but that’s just knowledge.  They focus on their relationship with God there.  Thus I conclude that they have a better knowledge of who God is than I do.  I know how to describe God, they know God.  Not that I don’t know God, but I just realize that when a person becomes a Christian there, it seems to become everything to them.  

Oh what a challenge!  To have that relationship with God would be amazing.  To truly celebrate in the joy of my salvation.  Even in poverty, to have trust in God.  In blessings, to still trust God.  In prayer, to know who I am talking to.  In walking every day, to know who I am walking with.  They know God, and it challenges me to work on my relationship with God instead of my knowledge of who God is.  

I’ve heard it said before that many men before they die say that they wish they had done less reading ABOUT the Bible and who God is, and more reading OF the Bible and exploring their relationship with God personally.  I don’t want to have to say that at the end of my life.  There’s great value to reading and learning about God and the Bible, there’s an even greater value to having the personal relationship with God that is guided by God.  

Do you know who you worship?

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