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Leaving on a jet plane…

Well, the time has come for the trip.  In approximately 10 hours I will have left on my first flight on my LONG DAY to get to Haiti.  Pastor and I fly from Indy to Chicago to Atlanta to Miami and finally arrive in Port-au-Prince at 3:40 pm local time.  From there, we go through customs, grab our bags and will begin the 45 mile drive to Saut d’Eau.  It only take a little over four hours to make it to the compound.  Yes, you read that right.  We’ll be traveling in our first class chartered limo.  Looks something like this….

So, for right now, I ask for your prayers for our safety of travel.  I ask for your prayers in the hearts of those Haitians who will travel to the compound for the week long VBS (basically a summer camp for us).  Every morning we will have classes and chapel.  We’ll break after that for lunch and then the afternoons are open for free time, which is usually where I get to know all my kiddos.  At night, messages are preached to a church full of people (usually 700 or so crammed into a building about the size of Johnson Classroom 101 for the FWBBC folks).  It’s total insanity.  It’s hot, the benches are uncomfortable, we can’t understand the full hour of singing, but its one of the most amazing spiritual experiences.  Three hours after the start, we dismiss them and they go back to their building on the compound where their churches have been assigned and sleep all in one giant room.  Some nights, the Americans will make rounds to the different churches to visit and sing and play around to get the kids all riled up.  They’ll sing for us.  The most humbling thing was last year when Pastor Paul asked if he could pray for us Americans.  Do you hear that?  He wanted to PRAY FOR US?!!?!?  We have everything, right?  I think I started crying about the time he asked.  

Another prayer request is for myself and the other teachers.  The others have taught down there before, whereas last year I was the professional videographer and bum who just entertained the little kids.  (And man, that job was great fun.  This year though, I am teaching.  Every year, we take on a different theme in our classes.  Last year dealt with the life of Paul and the different events found in his life.  This year, our theme is the “I Am” statements of Jesus.  My “I AM” statement is found in John 14:6 when Jesus is speaking of “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and meditating on that passage for the past week, as God has spoken to me through it and has let me see an even greater context of it.

Here’s my lesson, briefly:
After explaining the context of the passage (Christ telling his disciples he is going to prepare a place for them, and that they know the way.  Thomas asks, “If we don’t know where you’re going, how can we know the way?”  And then Jesus answers with way/truth/life)  Anyways, after explaining the context, I will pull out a lock and six keys.  My object lesson will just talk about the different paths that people try to take in life in order to get to heaven.  The first key that I hold up I will call money.  Money means a lot to everyone, but down there it goes much further than it does here.  I then tell them, money will not open the lock.  Next key is fame.  Next key is wisdom.  Next key is good works.  Next key is other religions who claim the truth.  Finally, I pull out the actual key that fits the lock and talk about Jesus.  He is the ONLY one who can get us to heaven.  All of the other keys look similar.  They might look like they fit, but Jesus is the only one.  Once down there, I am hoping to actually find some sort of box that I can rig up with the lock on it and talk about how the box is the equivalent to our life.  With Jesus being the only TRUE WAY to open the lock, when he does open it we receive life.  Until then, we are locked in by our sin.  I obviously have a little bit more work to do, but I am excited because I think this will be a good object lesson that all kids, teens, and even adults can pick up on.  And, I am still nervous about it because heck, I’m teaching in a foreign country through a translator the truth of the Gospel…talk about complex!

Anyways, I’ll be back September 6.  I am expecting God to move in a mighty way down there.  But, after last year, I realize that God will do something in me that will strongly impact my life.  Interesting, we go to essentially be a blessing to those people, but in the end, they bless the socks off of me.  

PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY some more.  I am hoping to be able to grab some internet access briefly while I am down there in order to give an update.  So check back.  I should have a picture or two…thousand.

  1. August 29, 2008 at 12:17 am

    Hey! I’ll be praying for you. Hope your trip goes good.

  2. Derek
    August 29, 2008 at 1:55 pm

    Hey! I will be praying. See you two in New Castle on the 7th. Looking forward to it.

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