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Patriotism through sports

It’s olympic time.  Chances are you already knew that.  If you didn’t, then you should really get off Facebook and read the news or turn on the TV.  This is the first time I have ever really sat down and watched the Olympics every single day.  I usually leave the office, come and lay on the couch, and watch a sport that I will never play.  

For instance, last night, I was zeroed in to the Lady’s Gymnastic Team competition.  The USA and China were neck and neck for about three seconds.  At first I was getting frustrated because gymnastics just doesn’t make any sense to me.  I mean, some ripped men and women take of sprinting at a big table at which they do a flip off of a spring board and then do 4.5 flips and land on a mat.  Now, I am not heckling the sport at all.  These people are ripped and in awesome shape.  They’re doing something I wish I could do.  What I am spouting about is the fact that every single person does the same thing in the air.  They all land, and based on the landing, that’s how I judge whether or not they did well.  Yet, when their scores come up, the girl who stumbled on the fall scores a 16.121 and the girl who sticks the landing has a 15.642.  Pshhhhhh…..I just don’t get it.  

Anyways, something else I have noticed is that my American spirit is way up there right now.  Swimming is boring.  I’m a horrible swimmer.  I mean, yeah, I can swim.  I can swim slow and swim a bit, but it’s not my strong point.  I’d love to do a triathlon some day, but I’d drown.  Regardless, I’ve sat every night and watched the US DOMINATE the world in swimming.  Why?  I hate swimming.  But I cannot pull my eyes from the TV.  And, to make it even more interesting is the fact that I’m not watching because I like the sport, I am watching because I want to see USA dominate the world.  I want to defeat the world in sports.  I don’t know why, but it is just a fun thing to see.

As we speak, I am watching Team USA baseball take on South Korea.  I don’t have a clue who any of these players are for the USA, I mean, if you were to tell me I could go see this team play next month as a semi-pro team, chances are I would ask you if you had free tickets and would pay my gas.  I don’t care.  But if you tell me that they’re the USA Olympic baseball team, then I’ll paint my chest with an American flag and go hoop and holler at the game.  It doesn’t make sense.  Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch though – I love baseball.  Change that to handball.  I watched that the other day.  I didn’t understand most of it.  To me, it was like they combined dodgeball (Ben Stiller movie count number 2 for the year for the viewers at home), rugby, and soccer.  But heck, go USA.

There is really no point to this other than to cheer for my country.  The Olympics are amazing.  I don’t understand gymnastics.  Water polo is insane.  Synchronized diving might be one of the weirdest things I have ever seen.  But tell me that a fellow American is competing, and I have no problem sitting on my couch cheering them on.  I hope you find that true, too.  

And just for the sake of it….Michael Phelps = BEAST.

  1. Lins
    August 13, 2008 at 5:31 pm

    OK so the gymnists are not just judged on their landings!!! if you would have listened to the commentators at ALL you would have heard that is in the style and technique, the difficulty of the piece they are doing and the grace and perfection in which they execute it. Next time…LISTEN and you might understand it more. And synchronized diving is amazing…Anyway I agree wth your blog for the most part. Although, I do like to watch some of them, I even watch the ones I don’t like because USA rocks!

  2. Shalena
    August 14, 2008 at 7:26 am

    ^o^ you make me laugh

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